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Technology and Implementation Center

CTW is one of the flagship products of the Lublin Industrial Highlands Foundation, responding to the development and transformation needs of conscious companies operating in a dynamically changing business reality.

The aim of the project is to support in increasing the competitiveness of enterprises by providing them with the latest, most effective transformational knowledge in all defined areas of management, green transformation, automation and digitization.


Let’s talk about cooperation


The essence of cooperation within the project is the diagnosis of the company’s needs carried out through a series of tools dedicated to the company’s respective development areas:

Company Condition Test

CCT evaluates the main areas (soft and hard) of company management

Technology Audit

A standard tool indicating the necessary processes to prepare for green tranformation, automation and digitization.

AdMa Audit

The AdMa audit is designed to identify 7 steps to advanced manufacturing in the factory of the future.


The culmination of the first stage of cooperation is a report with recommendations for implementation and improvements.

The report will describe recommendations, the implementation of which will optimize the company’s operations. They will take into account solutions in the field of automation, robotization or improving management in accordance with lean management methodology.


We share knowledge and experience

Enterprise Transformation is a comprehensive package of services to support the development of organizations in all aspects of management and implementation of digital and automation tools.

Transformation is addressed to all micro, small, medium and large companies. The type of transformation depends on the size of the company, the number of processes taking place in it. Every company is different, so transformation is an individualized project taking into account the needs of the company as well as its capabilities.

  1. Process transformation: comprehensive analysis of major processes, creation of visual value stream maps for major processes, calculation and visualization of process efficiency, finding and eliminating process losses, creation of new more efficient processes, implementation of new ideas.
  2. HR Transformation: comprehensive analysis of preboarding and onboarding processes, new employee implementation and career paths, visual representation of onboarding process maps, creation of new or updating existing processes, taking into account the latest team management strategies, creation of pay scale and employee bonus strategies, implementation of new processes and strategies.
  3. Administrative transformation: comprehensive analysis of the work of the HR, accounting and administrative departments, development of new workflow processes, responsibilities and reporting, development of key indicators determining the level of performance in the department, preparation of procedures and their implementation.
  4. Digital transformation: comprehensive analysis of the current state of the company in terms of the use of automation and digitization of processes, development of a strategy for digitization and automation of tasks, development of a roadmap for the implementation of the digital strategy, identification of potential sources of financing for the transformation, implementation of the roadmap assumptions.

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